At Mahogany Springs we firmly believe in the importance of giving back to the country of Uganda and the environment. We are always looking for projects to support that we believe make a difference.

At Mahogany Springs we run a tree planting scheme to offer guests the chance to offset at least some of the carbon from their trip. There is a small talk by the General Manager explaining how much carbon people use to travel and then you are invited to plant your tree. This all takes place within the grounds of Mahogany Springs.

While you are planting your tree we will take your photo and if you agree it will be published on our website in the tree planting gallery.

Tree planting must be booked prior to your arrival.

Other ways in which Mahogany Springs give back:Giving-back-2

  • Ride4aWoman – This is a local community project that Mahogany Springs supports heavily. It is a project that was setup to provide local widows with the ability to provide for their family. They are taught skills and provided with sewing machines plus other facilities to assist them in earning an income. The headquarters for this project is very local to Mahogany Springs and clients are able to visit if they wish. Mahogany Springs contracts Ride4aWoman to do lots of work for the property (curtains, mosquito nets, clothing, cushions, lampshades and much more).
  • We have sponsored an orphanage in Kampala called Sascu, which we constantly donate clothes, pens and other items too. We have also sponsored their football teams by buying footballs, kits and donating money for tournaments. For more info on the Orphanage or to sponsor a child, please contact us.
  • We have put a tap in for the local community to fetch clean drinking water.
  • We have supported a local hydro-power project which will be providing electricity to the local area and hospital.

To find out how you can give back or show support for any of these projects just ask.


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