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Mahogany Springs is located in the perfect position for enjoying Uganda’s most sought after tourist attraction: the gorillas. Uganda has the largest percentage of mountain gorillas in the world , with over 60% of the world’s mountain gorillas population within the country’s borders, including the famous silverback and black back varieties. If you’re looking to spend a day trekking with these gentle and magnificent creatures then there is no better place to set up your base camp than in the luxurious surroundings of Mahogany Springs.

Meet the Gorillas

Mahogany Springs is located in Bwindi, on the outskirts of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest, which is the best place in the world to come face to face with a majestic gorilla. There are two areas in Uganda where you can meet gorillas: the Bwindi National Park and the Mgahinga National Park. However the number of gorillas residing in Mgahinga can be inconsistent, so the Bwindi National Park is by far the more superior destination to visit.

In order to visit the gorillas and enter the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest you need to obtain a permit from the Ugandan government: these cost $600 per person. Although you can book these permits yourself and travel into the forest alone it is strongly recommended that you book your gorilla permit with a safari agent to ensure you book a gorilla family that is as close to the accommodation as possible (avoiding a lengthy trek across difficult terrain that would limit the time you can actually spend with the creatures). If you book through a third party agent you would also have the support and knowledge of a trained safari guide. There are several reputable tour operators and holiday providers that can organise these permits for you and take you into the forest to meet the gorilla’s but as this trip is highly sought after and daily visitor numbers are severely restricted (Each day only around 72 visitors are allowed into the forest to see the gorillas and access to each gorilla family is restricted to just 8 people) it is best to book this with your holiday provider before you travel to Uganda. By choosing a holiday provider before you travel you will also be able to use their services to book your stay at Mahogany Springs for you as part of your trip, and arrange your ground and international travel. Options for travelling to Africa include luxury cruise liner or airplane: Entebbe International Airport is the closest international airport to the hotel, but you can also transfer to an internal flight to Kisoro airport which is just 35 km from the hotel. Although the process of getting to the hotel and the forest is a lengthy one, it’s worth it for the chance to view these magnificent creatures.

Everything You Want to Know About Gorillas

A trek into the forest to meet magnificent mountain gorillas face to face will afford you the opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to know about gorillas. Gorillas are one of the four species of great apes that are the closest living relatives of humans; there are four subspecies of gorillas and you will have the opportunity to meet all of these within the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest. Although many people are apprehensive when they meet gorillas for the first time, these really are gentle giants. Gorillas are herbivores and eat leaves, shoots, roots, vines and fruits. Gorillas are shy animals and, like humans, they are most active during the day, building nests and sleeping at night. Silverback gorillas are often considered to be aggressive but this behavior is often misconstrued. What many believe to be aggression is actually a reaction to the perceived threat that humans or other aggressors pose to his family. Your tour guide will tell you the correct way to slowly approach a gorilla in a way that won’t threaten or intimidate them and will also let you know all about the family group you are visiting: such as how many male, female, old and young adults it contains. Coming face to face with a family of gorillas is an experience you will never forget. Why not visit Mahogany Springs for your next vacation, and be in a position to experience this magnificent encounter on your doorstep.


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