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Gorilla Trekking

Seeing mountain gorillas in the wild is often described as one of the most thrilling and meaningful wildlife experiences on the planet. Closely related to humans, mountain gorillas share 98% of our DNA and are fascinating to watch in their natural habitat.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda is home to over half the world’s mountain gorillas and has 17 habituated gorilla groups for trekking. 

What to expect

Upon arrival at the gorilla trekking starting point, you will be briefed and allocated a gorilla group to trek depending on your physical ability and preference.


You will then follow your ranger guide on an exciting trek through the forest where you will see lots of wildlife before eventually finding the gorillas and spending one magical, life-changing hour, up close and personal with them. You will then return back to the meeting point to collect your certificate. 


For further information or to book your Gorilla Trekking experience, please contact us.

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The Lodge

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Bwindi Activities

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