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Responsible Travel

" To move forward, you have to give back. "

Securing a Future for Mountain Gorillas

Visiting the mountain gorillas in Uganda is not only an unforgettable experience, it also supports conservation efforts and the growth of the gorilla population in Africa. Since 2008, the number of mountain gorillas has increased from 680 to over 1,000 today thanks to intensive conservation and tourism.


It gives us great satisfaction knowing that each of our gorilla trekking guests contribute to the preservation of these gentle giants.

Gorilla mother and baby Uganda Bwindi.jpeg

Plant a tree at Mahogany Springs

We run a tree planting scheme to help guests offset their carbon footprint by planting an endemic tree in our grounds. If you would like to plant a tree during your stay, please let us know before your arrival.


We are also extending our tree planning scheme to companies wishing to offset their emissions. For more information please enquire via our contact page.

Tree Planting Mahogany Springs 2.jpg
Tree Planting Mahogany Springs 3.jpg
Tree Planting Mahogany Springs 1.jpg


At Mahogany Springs, we proudly support Ride4aWoman, a charitable organisation that empowers local widows through skill training, micro-finance and mentoring. In support of the charity, we contract Ride4aWoman to work at the lodge, making curtains, mosquito nets, clothing, cushions, lampshades and more. Located just a 2 minute walk from Mahogany Springs, clients are able to visit this project. This is a complimentary activity.

Ride 4 a Women 1.jpeg
Ride 4 a Woman 4.jpeg
Ride 4 a Woman 3.jpeg

Bwindi Plus Nursery and Primary Orphanage School

This unbelievable project was setup by one of our house keeping team, a young man called Moses. Moses was an Orphan from a young age and was raised by the community. Moses’ dream was to give something back and with the support of numerous clients as well as the lodge itself, his dream came to fruition in 2015.


Now with over 200 children at the school, it is constantly growing and providing education, accommodation and food to lots of children in need. The school is located just 2 minutes from Mahogany Springs and is a complimentary activity if you would like to pay them a visit. 

Classroom 2.jpeg
Kids meeting clients 2.JPG
School children dance show at Mahogany Springs.jpg

Gorilla Trekking

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The Lodge

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