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Pangolin Rescue Center Uganda

Meet Rescued Pangolins

We have teamed up with the  Pangolin Rescue Center to offer visitors the opportunity to see and learn about the critically endangered Pangolin.

About the Pangolin Rescue Center

Founded by Moses Arineitwe in 2015, the Pangolin Rescue Center is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of pangolins in Uganda.


Located on the outskirts of Buhoma village, a short drive from Mahogany Springs, the Pangolin Rescue Center provides a wonderful visitor experience where you can meet and greet these fascinating creatures and learn more about the work being done to protect them.


Over the years, Moses and his team have successfully rescued over 150 pangolins and reformed over 70 poachers. As well as providing a temporary home for rescued pangolins, Moses also works closely with local communities to promote conservation and prevent illegal trade and poaching.

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Pangolin Conservation Experience

Pangolin Climbing Tree In Uganda

Working in collaboration with the Pangolin Rescue Center, we are delighted to offer the Pangolin Conservation Experience, where you can get up close to these remarkable animals, take photos and learn all about their care.

This activity is available through Mahogany Springs and is open to all visitors staying in Buhoma. The estimated time for this activity is 90 minutes with return transfers available on request. Pick up from your accommodation in Buhoma is at 3pm and return is at approx. 5pm. Please note there is a minimum of 2 people required for transfers.

The cost of this activity is $75 per person without transfers and $95 per person with return transfers.

For more information and to pre-book, please get in touch via our contact page.

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